Sites and web applications



We create useful, intuitive and easy to use websites to the highest standards and latest trends.

Web applications

We design and develop advanced web applications, available for all mobile devices.


We use effective e-commerce solutions. Our stores sell best.

Creative process

The analysis of customer needs and expectations

We provide the design brief to determine what kind of service client expects. A design brief is a document which outlines the purpose of creating the project. Clarified targets and goals allows us to come with satisfactory solutions, necessary in the creative process.


We work with the received back brief. We brainstorm and develop ideas to adjust with the expectations of the client. We send our proposal and prepare formal document containing all the arrangements for implementation. We set a schedule for implementation and define the budget. Finally, we sign the contract.

Graphic design

Our design projects are based on functional wireframes which determine the interface - what the user see when visit a website. Developed layout of the website and the rules of navigation on the page is presented to the customer for approval.

Coding, programming and implementation

Graphic design is approved and the development team proceeds to the implementation of the first complete version of the website. Final product is delivered along with the administration panel, which will allow you to fully manage your website.

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Operative software for business


B2B, B2C & C2C Software

Our software not only improve the work but also reduce the operating costs of your business.

CRM & ERP Platforms

Our solutions increase productivity, boost sales results and coordinate operational activities of your business.

Mobile applications

We design and develop applications for mobile platforms - Android and iOS.

Creative process

Analysis of expectations and define the requirements

The work begins with a detailed analysis of the software specification. We collect information, and we set all the key functionality - the scope and suggestions for automation and process architecture. The correct term objectives of the project determine its success.


Based on the information collected, our design team creates functional project. This allows us to present the customer a prototype of the future software. During the presentation of a functional prototype we report any comments helpful to make the software most appropriate to the customer needs.


Based on the approved functional project and the technical specification of the software, the implementation team joins the project. At this stage is better not to change the predetermined functionality.


After the implementation stage - the complete software is exposed to functional, performance and safety testing by our quality control team. It is also available to the customer to conduct tests in order to final verification.


After successful testing stage - we make sure the system is free from defects and accepted by the customer. Its installation, start-up and customization proceed. Software becomes available to end users. It is also provided with complete documentation.

Software development and support

Our software is not limited in any way. We may expand it with new functionalities and develop in a certain direction. We provide technical support, training and consulting services.

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